Future Implications

The social media landscaping is continually changing. Companies have to stay up to date with the changes or they will fall behind and can even lose sales. Consumes today are tech savvy and too busy for their own good. They need companies in their life who stay on trend and can be reached at all times.

Companies have to think about their consumer and how they are changing when it comes to their existing social media strategy. They have to make sure they are engaging them and keep their interest all the time.

Is this a result of human behavior or changes in technology? Well, it’s both. Technology has changed the way companies market themselves and their products. It’s also changed how people communicate with each other on a daily basis. Everyone is on their phones.. .all the time! Technology is to thank for the change in communication. Marketers have to keep up with all of changes in technology because it ultimately changes how humans behave and interact with each other.

I remember back when I was a kid, you played with your friends. You would hang out at their house or they would hang out at your house or you would just play outside. Today, the way kids hang out is completely different. They can call each other on their cell phone or even play video games together but from their own home.

Companies have to stay up with the trends to make sure they keep their consumers interested and engaged. Marketing will continue to change every single day.


Viral Marketing Iniatives

Marketing has been changing so much over the  years with the development of so many social networks and different technology. It seems like when a campaign goes viral, everyone and their mom knows about it immediately. What makes it so popular?  For starters, the campaign has to target their consumers. If it doesn’t fit with the brands target market, they are going to ignore it. Another characteristic of a viral campaign is it must tell a story. The story must be interesting and relate to the consumers. It also must evoke some form of emotion for the viewers. Whether it be anger or happiness, it will get something out of the viewers. Most Viral Campaigns are hysterical but that doesn’t mean that sad stories don’t go viral either. Most campaigns have a short shelf life. It will stay popular for about a week or so and then the next hit story comes along and blows the other story under the rug.

A great example of one is a story of a young woman with cancer who is choosing to end her life when she chooses, not when someone else or her body choices. I’m sure you all know exactly what I am talking about. A bunch of friends has posted about it on Facebook and I knew I had to watch it. It definitely tugged on my heart strings with the touching and sad story!

Viral campaigns can be hilarious and happy as well as sad. Cadbury created a viral post on Facebook where they wanted to thank their fans for liking their page. They created a big Facebook thumbs up out of chocolate. It immediately went viral and was all over the internet. It created great brand awareness because every time someone saw the post they knew immediately that it was for Cadbury.


What happens when two of your favorite places to shop are competitors? Nothing on your part, so you think. On the company side, they do a lot to get your attention.

Two of my favorite places to shop for makeup and skincare products is Sephora and Ulta. They are definitely competitors but they are also very different in their own way.

Both companies have a huge presence on social media and both are posting constantly. They both use social media, but they use them in completely different ways. After browsing through both Twitter feeds, it is pretty clear to me that Ulta is more about telling you about their products. They have new products all the time and they want you to know about it! The same strategy seems to apply to other social platforms as well.

Sephora social media strategy seems to be more about teaching consumers how to use their products. They are always posting great information and letting you tweet with makeup artists or even see behind the scenes from photo shoots and fashion shows. They sell high end products that are used during both.

Even though both stores sell some of the same products, they have different marketing strategies. Ulta is focused on the everyday consumer whether they are buying high end or drug store products, everything is in one place. Sephora is about the higher end products. They sell many products that are used in photo shoots, fashion shows, etc.

Quality should always come before quantity. I think both companies have great quality posts and great content. Even though they are in the same industry, they utilize their social media platforms in different ways. Each way works well for each!

Practice makes perfect.

Blogging has blown up and is the new “it thing” to do. Why?? What’s the point of blogging? Well, the point is to speak your mind and share you ideas. You can create a blog about anything, from recipes to photography to carpentry. Sometimes, the best information about a product or company is found on someone’s blog, not on the company’s website. A blog is meant for anything you want it to be, it goes wherever your creativity leads it. My current job at a local parenting paper uses their blog for fun parenting posts that are not featured on the website. I’ve learned so much from their blogging techniques and I hope you do too! 

Keeping up with your blog is important. Whether it’s a personal blog or a company blog, it’s important to keep your readers reading. If you don’t blog, you’ll lose them! And if you’re boring, you’ll lose them! Throw your personality into your blog and just have fun with it. 

One of the most important things is to love what your blogging about. If you are blogging about an industry or something that you hate, it’s going to shine through in your posts. When you love something, it’s not a “chore” to write about it, it’s fun! Readers will be able to tell by how much time and effort you put into your blog and if you don’t love it, neither will they. 

Be honest. This is the most important thing and you probably learned this years ago from you parents. Just be honest. Don’t lie! Even if you have something negative to say, just say it. It’s your blog and if you don’t like something, it’s okay. It’s your blog for a reason and your followers follow your for a reason too. 

Have fun! A blog is a place where you can let your creativity let loose. Speak your mind, be honest, and have fun. You will learn so much from your blog and your readers. You’ll become a better writer, listener and probably gain a few friends along the way. 

Why should we blog?

The magazine industry is currently going through a few changes – thanks to technology! The development of social media has changed just about every industry but specifically any magazine and newspaper that are in print. The Internet has made it easy for readers to access their issue of the magazine from their phone, computer, or even tablet. Keeping up with social media networks is important for every brand. It gives readers a reason to care about you and keeps them interested. If you are not giving consumers new content, why should they like your brand over another?

Keeping up with blogging and tweeting can not only keep your readers but also attract new ones! At the Boston Parent’s Paper, we love hearing from readers. We post so many questions on Twitter and Facebook that we want real parents to answer for us! We use their answers in the magazine to show other readers what others are doing. We also blog consistently about different issues and ideas that are not in the magazine or on the website itself. Between all of the different networks, readers are getting so much great information no matter what site they go too! Each site links to another, it’s all connected.

There is so much more to Twitter and blogging then just informing people. It’s about talking to consumers and keeping the conversations going. Not only is it great for talking to consumers, but it’s also a great way to talk to potential clients and businesses. “ The business benefits of Twitter are important because this is where most companies miss opportunity. They don’t want to devote resources to an activity without a measurable return on investment.” (Tao of Twitter, 2014)

To go social or not to go social?

It seems like everyone is on Facebook and Twitter today. If they are not on Facebook they usually get the head tilt with “wait, really?” It just seems crazy to be without any form of social media network completely. Knowing that so many consumers are on these social networks, it just makes sense for companies to take their brand social. They have such a huge opportunity at their fingertips to interact with the people who are buying their products.

Taking your brand social can create many opportunities for your brand but also bring along many challenges. Going social is a commitment. You have to keep up with the content on a regular basis. Followers will lose interest if there is nothing to keep them going back to your page. Not only do you have to create content but you also have to create good content that goes along with your brand. Consumers know when you are putting out bad quality content. Your online networks will suffer.

Another challenge is to figure out who will do the blogging, posting, tweeting, etc. Will it be one person? Or will it be five? The biggest challenge about having multiple people contribute to the brands social network is the tone and voice. Each network has to stay consistent with the tone. If it changes too often, consumers won’t get a sense of who the brand is and what they stand for.

A blog I discovered recently is Run, Eat, Repeat. I immediately was drawn in to her posts because they were consistent and had the same tone. They were interesting, easy to read, and tons of photos. What’s not to love about that?

Deciding to keep your company off of all social sites is a huge risk today. Consumers have changed the way that they do just about everything. From communication to shopping, there is a pretty good change a social network was accessed. I do a lot of research at work for company’s contact information and when they do not have a website or any social sites, I tend to question if they are even in business. How do people know about them today without the Internet?

Either way your brand decides to go, you will face challenges and risks. Challenges are a great way to learn what works for you and what works for your brand.

Will you be my Facebook friend?

Today, consumers are busy. They do not have time to sit down and read a magazine at their leisure. Instead, they are driving the kids to the dentist and then to soccer practice. Parents are busy because kids today are busy. Just about every single parent has a phone. There’s been days that I forget my phone and I feel like I practically forgot to wear my pants that day. I feel naked! My whole life is on that small device! I’m sure every parent feels the same way. In the parenting magazine industry, we know parents are busy. The easiest way to keep in touch with the readers is through Facebook. Everyone can get to facebook through their cell phone no matter where they are.

Facebook is an easy gateway to the magazine’s website, blog, and even our enter to win contests. While Mom is waiting for her daughter to finish cheer practice she can catch up on our latest digital magazine from the Facebook page. It has been a great tool to talk to consumers’ not just talk at them. It creates an environment that our readers can actually tell us what they think of our latest article and even give us tips on what to write next. We track our statistics every month to see how many followers we have. We also track what posts have been shared and what posts get the most likes. It is helpful to see what people respond to so that in the future we can continue to create content that our readers will enjoy.

We also keep track of what our competitors are doing on Facebook and see how their readers are engaging with them.